Friday, September 26, 2014

Monster Digis

Hello Everyone!

Short and sweet straight to the point =D  I have 6 new digi stamps for you guys! Well they are old but new to the digi world, at least the 3 little monsters are new to the digi world.

Other than this I am working on new digi stamps I have at least 1 more Halloween related digi stamp that will release very soon and this one is very very new like 2 days old =D


Well that is it for me today I hope you guys like these little monsters they are so dang adorable =D

Till Next Time
Kris & the Creepie Ones

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sales Tomb


I added more digis to the Sales Tomb section today, along with some other digis that I forgot to mention the other day. All together so far 40 digi stamps has been added and more to  come old and new =D

Good news! I finally got me a new tablet so I can start on new digis in a week or so I can't wait =D

Sneak Peaks

That is all for today

Till Next Time
Kris & the Creepie Ones

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Added More!

Hi Everyone!

Well today I added 7 more digis to the shop only 26 more to go before the new digis begin to be added. 

Which I am glad I haven't started on new digis my dang tablet decided to write a Dear John letter and left me (it stopped working =( can't work till I can get a new one hopefully it won't be long)

On to the previews

Sales Tomb

Voodoo Doll Section

Well that is it for today

Till Next Time
Kris & the Creepie Ones

Monday, September 1, 2014

Digis Added

Hello everyone!

I added 10 digis to the shop and a new section called Sales Tomb.

Sales Tomb is basically a section for all my old images I did when I first started to do digital art. I hand picked some that are worthy to be added here and these are half the price then what the normal digis are. =D

Here are some Previews

Sales Tomb Section:

Regular Sections:

Till Next Time
Kris & the Creepie Ones