Sunday, August 9, 2015

3 New Digis!

Hello everyone! It's been a month and I have new digi stamps for you guys just 3 but in my opion I think these 3 are awesome I have a zombe, a fairy on the moon and a voodoo doll girl =D

I have decided to just update once a month with all the new images I have created for my art through out the month. This way I won't sound like a broken record of I have new digis, new digis etc. every couple of days, weeks.

I am in the process of over hauling the blog since it has been a year since this layout has been up .
In the next layout I will even add a counter for how many digis will be added, hopefully soon it will be more than just 3 or 4 and I will even add the date when I will upload new digis.

Enough talking here is a sneak peek of Moon Fairy, to see the other 2 new digis check out my etsy shop

Moon Fairy

Isn't she adorable =D

Well off to make dinner and create more art

Have a wonderful and creepy night everyone =D

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4 New Digis

I added 4 new digi stamps to my shop and these are my best yet. I specially love Haunting I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

Here is a sneak peek of 2 and you can see the rest in my Etsy Shop


Star Catching

Well that is it for me today and I will have more digi stamps soon =D

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Creepie Digis

I am back from having 2 colds one after another, oh boy thought I broke some ribs on the last cold I had, I was coughing non stop =/

To start back I slowly made 4 new digis,  a creepie moon, a set of skulls, a ghost girl and a creepie doll.  Check out a couple of previews below and don't forget to visit my shop

Well that is it for now

Strings Attached

Lost Soul

More will be added shortly

Kris and the Creepie Ones,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tons of Digis

Hello Everyone!

I first want to take the time out and wish the one of the more important person in my life my boyfriend Matt of 14 1/2 years a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you so much

Ok now on to the digis, this is going to be a short post but just wanted to let you guys know I just added a ton of digis to the shop. Ok not a ton but to me it is, I added 10 to the shop today =D

That actually is the last bit of old digi stamps I wanted to add so from here and out it is nothing but new digi stamps =D

Here is a preview of a few to see the rest go to the shop

Monster Surprise

Hunger Stare


Till Next Time
Kris and the Creepie Ones

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Digi Stamps

Hello Everyone!

I told you earlier in the last post that I was back well I wasn't lying, I just added 6 more digi stamps to the shop

Here are  a few in preview

Regular - 2 (These are Halloween based since I missed in October so sorry but at least they will be here for this Halloween along with new ones =D)

Sales Tomb - 4

Also this is it of the Sales Tomb category I added all my old old images but great ones here =D

Well that is it from me today

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day

Till Next Time
Kris and the Creepie Ones

No More Hiatus!

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!

Finally back from a long unexpected hiatus, I tried so many times to get back to doing digi stamps but my health just wouldn't let me.

It has been awhile since I last posted but I do have an excuse a bad one but at least I have one.
Well I was just about to sit down and start to draw new digis (2 weeks before the end of October) when I injured my back so bad I couldn't feel my legs. A week later I was better or at least I thought I was and I re injured it. So I was done for another 2 weeks :(

After that my boyfriend and I added 2 new family members to our zoo of a house two 4 week old puppies (the mother stopped feeding them so we brought them home and took over) Now they are 2 evil little 14 week olds (what the heck did we get ourselves into lol) but love them to death.

This leaves the last 2 weeks of November Matt's mom came in from California to visit and we then had to leave out of state for a funeral.

Then here comes oh the most fun of them all injuries 4 days before my bithday (birthday is December 10th) on December 6th I tripped over an invisible stick and hurt my ankle. Turns out I fractured it and still in a lot of pain as of right now. It's a war with me and those invisible sticks =D

So in all it has been one heck of a long haul to get here lol.

But I am back and I am actually working on some new digis not only that I still have some old ones to put up so I am going to finally start adding digis to the shop today =D

Have a wonderful day everyone

Till Next Time
Kris and the Creepie Ones