Friday, January 23, 2015

New Digi Stamps

Hello Everyone!

I told you earlier in the last post that I was back well I wasn't lying, I just added 6 more digi stamps to the shop

Here are  a few in preview

Regular - 2 (These are Halloween based since I missed in October so sorry but at least they will be here for this Halloween along with new ones =D)

Sales Tomb - 4

Also this is it of the Sales Tomb category I added all my old old images but great ones here =D

Well that is it from me today

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day

Till Next Time
Kris and the Creepie Ones

No More Hiatus!

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!

Finally back from a long unexpected hiatus, I tried so many times to get back to doing digi stamps but my health just wouldn't let me.

It has been awhile since I last posted but I do have an excuse a bad one but at least I have one.
Well I was just about to sit down and start to draw new digis (2 weeks before the end of October) when I injured my back so bad I couldn't feel my legs. A week later I was better or at least I thought I was and I re injured it. So I was done for another 2 weeks :(

After that my boyfriend and I added 2 new family members to our zoo of a house two 4 week old puppies (the mother stopped feeding them so we brought them home and took over) Now they are 2 evil little 14 week olds (what the heck did we get ourselves into lol) but love them to death.

This leaves the last 2 weeks of November Matt's mom came in from California to visit and we then had to leave out of state for a funeral.

Then here comes oh the most fun of them all injuries 4 days before my bithday (birthday is December 10th) on December 6th I tripped over an invisible stick and hurt my ankle. Turns out I fractured it and still in a lot of pain as of right now. It's a war with me and those invisible sticks =D

So in all it has been one heck of a long haul to get here lol.

But I am back and I am actually working on some new digis not only that I still have some old ones to put up so I am going to finally start adding digis to the shop today =D

Have a wonderful day everyone

Till Next Time
Kris and the Creepie Ones